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Art In The Ritual Chamber

There is something that is hypnotically intriguing about occult art and its symbolism that draws me in causing me to ponder over a single piece for weeks, months and even years. H.R. Giger was one of the first artists that ...

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The Witching A.K.A. Necromancy (1972)

Occult films such as this one called The Witching, with Orson Wells, Pamela Franklin, Lee Purcell, Micheal Ontkean is one of my favorite films that has had a huge influence on me in my earlier years.

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The Power Of Vril Is The Secret To Free Energy

The fact that the Rockefellers paid $139,000.00 in 1946 to commission the publishing of an “official” history of World War II that deleted all references to occult interests of the Third Reich raises much suspicion of their intentions but it ...

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Music For The Ritual Chamber

Ritual drumming and chanting mantras are just a couple of techniques that can produce profound altered states of consciousness which is necessary to get into the alpha/theta brainwave state for an effective ritual. For someone who is performing a ritual ...

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How To Create A Servitor To Obtain What You Desire

This is a very informative video explaining techniques for creating a servitor for your protection or anything else you would like to have assistance with. Children are experts at creating servitors when they invent imaginary friends to play with. Creating ...

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Entity Creation For Success

According to Phil Farber’s research into mirror neurons when dealing with entities, demons, angels, gods, ect, using evocation, it is important to identify the entity in your imagination as an intelligent being that has consciousness whether it is real or ...

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Alex Sanders Summons An Aztec Fire Spirit

Alex Sanders is a name that I do not hear much of anymore. Thanks to sites like YouTube, these video gems which are available to those that seek help to preserve these very important traditions. Alex Sanders become the medium ...

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