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Advanced Communication Technology For Alien Contact

In the 16th century John Dee and Edward Kelly received very advanced information for communicating with the angelic or as I like the more modern term, alien entities. It seems that more and more people are finally getting it that angels ...

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An Evocation Ritual With An Unexpected Twist

Herbie Brennan describes what happened when he and his group tried to summon Anubis during an evocation ritual and experienced something they did not expect! Please like and share  if you found this video interesting.  

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Religious Leaders Have Deceived You!

Orthodox History was rewritten to prevent you from knowing the true inner reality of yourself and the universe. Philip Gardiner provides much insight into the hidden esoteric knowledge that religious leaders do not want you to know.

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Enochian Vision Magick Demonstration Part two

In part two of Enochian Vision Magick Lon Milo DuQuette continues his video demonstration excerpt from his famous book titled Enochian Vision Magick. Do you have an interest in Enochian Magick? Care to share your thoughts and experiences? We would ...

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Enochian Vision Magick Demonstration Part 1

In part one of two Lon Milo DuQuette does a video excerpt of his book called Enochian Vision Magick. Please share this video with others who show an interest in Enochian Vision Magick, this is an awesome introduction! Enochian Vision ...

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