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Change The Fabric Of Reality With A Tulpa

A Tulpa as they are called in Tibetan Buddhism are an extremely fascinating subject to study as well as to experiment with. Many of us are familiar with this concept if you had a creative childhood with the creation of ...

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Entity Creation For Success

According to Phil Farber’s research into mirror neurons when dealing with entities, demons, angels, gods, ect, using evocation, it is important to identify the entity in your imagination as an intelligent being that has consciousness whether it is real or ...

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Alex Sanders Summons An Aztec Fire Spirit

Alex Sanders is a name that I do not hear much of anymore. Thanks to sites like YouTube, these video gems which are available to those that seek help to preserve these very important traditions. Alex Sanders become the medium ...

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Invoking Pan At Your Next Pagan Party

If you are looking for some great tunes to play at your next pagan party or outing then the Greek band called Daemonia Nymphe will definitely set the mood for some all night debauchery. Daemonia Nymphe was established in 1994 by Spyros ...

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An Evocation Ritual With An Unexpected Twist

Herbie Brennan describes what happened when he and his group tried to summon Anubis during an evocation ritual and experienced something they did not expect! Please like and share  if you found this video interesting.  

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