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Jesus Educates Billy On The Meaning Of Occultism

Let Jesus and Billy entertain and educate you about occultism and its meaning. Jesus sheds light on the occult, Magick, rituals, the universe and the function our subconscious mind. This video is best viewed during an altered state of consciousness. ...

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Change The Fabric Of Reality With A Tulpa

A Tulpa as they are called in Tibetan Buddhism are an extremely fascinating subject to study as well as to experiment with. Many of us are familiar with this concept if you had a creative childhood with the creation of ...

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DMT Is The Key To Entering The Spirit World

It is said that DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) which is produced in the pineal gland is the key to the mysteries of the afterlife. When we dream, the scenes and visions are a product of this chemical. It is abundant in many ...

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666 Represents Carbon 12 Based Lifeforms

Carbon 12 is the most abundant form of carbon in the universe and is also the second most abundant element in the human body. Carbon 12 is the isotope of Carbon that has 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. ...

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How To Create A Servitor To Obtain What You Desire

This is a very informative video explaining techniques for creating a servitor for your protection or anything else you would like to have assistance with. Children are experts at creating servitors when they invent imaginary friends to play with. Creating ...

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Entity Creation For Success

According to Phil Farber’s research into mirror neurons when dealing with entities, demons, angels, gods, ect, using evocation, it is important to identify the entity in your imagination as an intelligent being that has consciousness whether it is real or ...

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Alex Sanders Summons An Aztec Fire Spirit

Alex Sanders is a name that I do not hear much of anymore. Thanks to sites like YouTube, these video gems which are available to those that seek help to preserve these very important traditions. Alex Sanders become the medium ...

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