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Are UFOs From The Astral World?

If UFOs are a psychic projection of the gaian mind in which Terence proposes in this clip which can then become physical then this further supports some of the theories that through ritual, meditation and deep trance states we can ...

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Was NASA Threatened By Aliens On The Moon?

If a species of aliens created us then the moon would be a logical place to remain unnoticed in order to continually observe and experiment on all life on earth. If The astronauts did indeed land on the moon and ...

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Jesus Educates Billy On The Meaning Of Occultism

Let Jesus and Billy entertain and educate you about occultism and its meaning. Jesus sheds light on the occult, Magick, rituals, the universe and the function our subconscious mind. This video is best viewed during an altered state of consciousness. ...

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666 Represents Carbon 12 Based Lifeforms

Carbon 12 is the most abundant form of carbon in the universe and is also the second most abundant element in the human body. Carbon 12 is the isotope of Carbon that has 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. ...

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The Power Of Vril Is The Secret To Free Energy

The fact that the Rockefellers paid $139,000.00 in 1946 to commission the publishing of an “official” history of World War II that deleted all references to occult interests of the Third Reich raises much suspicion of their intentions but it ...

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Advanced Communication Technology For Alien Contact

In the 16th century John Dee and Edward Kelly received very advanced information for communicating with the angelic or as I like the more modern term, alien entities. It seems that more and more people are finally getting it that angels ...

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